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Here are the 6 benefits of wearing Margaj ratna

There are many kinds of ratnas and up-ratnas like Munga (Coral), Opal or Heera (Diamond), Panna (Emerald), Moti (Pearl), Manik (Ruby), Pukhraaj (Topaz), Neel, Gomed (Onyx), Lehsunia Sulemani Pathhar, Vaikrant, Yashad, Feroza, Ajooba, Ahva, Abri, Amlia, Uppal, Udau, Karpishmani, Kasauti, Kataila, Kansla, Kurand, Kudrat, Guddi, Godanti, Gauri, Chakmak, Chandrakant, Chitto, Chumbak, Jabarjad, Jahar Mohra, Jajemani, Jharna, Tedhi, Dur, Tiliyar, Tursava, Trinamani, Dane firag, Dantala, Darachna, Duranjaf, Dhunla, Narm ya Laaldi, Nilopal or Lajvarta, Panghan, Hakik, Paras, Fate Jahar, Basro, Bansi, Berunj, Margaj, Makdi, Masar Mani, Makshik, Movenjaf, Raktmani or Tamda, Raktashma, Ratratua, Las, Makrana, Ludhiya, Shesha Mani, Shailmani or Sphatik, Shobhamani or Vaikrant , Sangia, Sangehadid, Sangesimak, Sangamusa, Sangemarmar, Sangsitara, Sifri, Sinduria, Singali, Sijari, Sunhala, Suryakant, Surma, Selkhadi, Sonamakkhi, Hazrate Ber, Hazrat Oud, Haritopal, Haritmani etc. There are more than 84 type of gems described in ancient scriptures. However, most of them are not available now. Let’s know about Margaj ratna briefly here.

Information regarding Margaj

1. Margaj can be considered an up-ratna of Emerald. Margaj, Green Haqeeq, Firoza, Peridot, Green Onyx are all the up-ratnas of Emerald.

2. It is called Harid Ratna, Vrikkij, Haritmani in Sanskrit while in English it is called Jade or Nephrite.

3. Margaj is an opaque, smooth, soft and heavily dark coloured ratna. The bigger the size you wear the more benefit you will experience.

4. Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius lagna (ascendants) people can wear this after astrological consultation. This ratna can be worn by these lagnas when the Mercury is not in the 6th, 8th and 12th house. Besides this if Mercury is in a debilitated sign like Pisces then it should not be worn. Apart from this, even if there is a sunset for these signs, one does not wear emerald and any of its gems.

5. It is usually worn in silver.

Benefits of wearing Margaj

1. It is considered beneficial for stones, blood diseases, eye diseases, asthma, polyuria, kidney disorders and pandu.

2. It wards off the effect of witchcraft.

3. Margaj removes laziness and enhances energy and the person feels fresh and lively all the time.

4. This ratna helps in removing restlessness, unrest and headaches. Its ashes are used for different medicines for various diseases.

5. Wearing this ratna benefits in job and business.

6. There is benefit in speech defects and it sharpens the intellect.



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